Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jumping fun

Tired little jumper, Cousin Zoe

Tired little jumper, Caden.

Really tired little jumper, Hannah.

It was just too funny watching Hannah jumping for the first time (15 1/2 months old)

Oh, my goodness! This was so fun to watch Hannah jump for the first time. She would stand up and completely fall down tummy side down. Then she would try and jump...it was just too funny! Caden and Zoe had such a good time jumping.

Fun with our Best Friends

Yeah! Finally out!

Halle had a lot of good ideas to get the get the butterfly's out.

But we still waited! lol

All the kids so patiently waited for the butterflies to get out of their garden.
They really wanted to stay in, but the kids really wanted them to get out.

The two boys! Carter and Caden

Halle, Hannah, and Caden

My sweet angle.

Boy, did they have fun!

Fun with our Best Friends:
We always have such a good time with our friends Halle and Carter. First, we went to their neighborhood splash pad. At first we were not going to go because there were dark clouds all around us. So we decided to go anyways and we got a light sprinkle and nothing else after that. The kids had such a great time.

Before we left Halle and Carter's house they had some butterflies from their butterfly garden that they wanted to let loose. We were so glad we got to help them release the butterflies. The kids sat and waited so patiently for the butterflies to get out of their garden. Halle had so many good ideas that would help the butterflies get out. So finally after a long patient wait all five butterflies were released. What a fun day!!!

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Letter D and Counting

Caden did good with this counting activity. We need to practice counting from left to right. I got this idea from Michelle's awesome blog Delightful Learning

I also got this idea from Michelle...she has such a great blog.

Then we stacked blocks. I counted them but Caden was more interested in stacking and knocking them down. So I just went with it. We are also talking about shapes this week. We then discussed which shapes the blocks were.

This week: We are talking about the letter D. We did dot paint and we are also counting blocks. Trying to learn 1 to 1 correspondence. Also talking about shapes.

C is for Cow coloring page

Last week we talked about the letter C. Caden is really into coloring lately so here is his cow picture. I think he is coloring really well for a 33 month old. (Of course, I am his Mom and will say that. :))

Cow coloring page

Earth Mosaic: Creation: Mini Bible Units from Itty-Bitty Bookworm

Earth Mosaic:
As I said earlier Caden has not been interested in any other activity unless we are coloring. So I let Hannah do this activity. She does really good putting the paper on the glue, but since she is so young (15 1/2 months old) she only last for about 2-3 minutes.

Tear green and blue construction paper into small pieces. I printed the Earth Blackline from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm. Give each child an Earth blackline and a glue stick. To make the mosaic, the children will fill in the blackline with the blue and green scraps of paper.

Paper Person: More, More, More Said the Baby

It was so cute after I traced Caden, Hannah would lay on the paper so she could get traced. Of course, she laid there for 2 seconds but it was cute anyways.

Paper Person:
We are still doing lessons from the book More, More, More Said the Baby. Caden is really not interested in this book but we are still doing the lessons.

Last weeks Lesson from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm we made A Paper Person. Caden has really been into coloring with colors lately (a month ago it was with markers). I really can't get him to do any other activity unless there is coloring involved. So I just turn his lessons around so there is some type of coloring involved.

Directions for Paper Person: Lay out a piece of butcher paper on the floor. Have your child lay down on it. Trace around the child. Cut out the shape. Have the children help you to color it and add facial features. You could also add yarn for hair. Hang up the child cut out. name body parts and have the children take turns pointing to the correct body part on the cut-out. You could label each body part, as well.


Caden decided he would take all the pillows off of the couch and from everyone's bed. He placed them in a pile in front of the couch and made a jumping pit. The kids had a blast!
Free entertainment! Of course, Caden thought he could do it again the next day.

C is for Cows

Caden's cows in the field.

Hannah's Cows in the field.

Last week we were talking about the letter C. We did a cows in the field craft.
With Caden I talked about cows, calf, bulls, and cattle. I showed him a picture of each.

Puzzles with Hannah

While Caden was taking his nap me and Hannah worked on some puzzles. She is just beginning to be interested and able to put the pieces in the correct spot. In the puzzle above we did not talk about numbers we mainly worked on putting the piece in the correct spot.

This is her favorite puzzle by Melissa and Doug. I take all the pieces off and give them to her one by one. When I give her a puzzle piece I say the name of the animal and it's sound. She can put all the pieces in the correct spot on this puzzle.


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