Friday, July 2, 2010

Clifford Counts Bubbles cont.

Clifford Counts Bubbles
Sponge Stamping- I cut circles out of sponges.  Then I poured blue and white paint on a paper plate and then showed the kids how to dip their sponge in the paint and then stamp onto their papers to make bubbles.

Butterflies- In the story their is a butterfly that 4 bubbles float by.  I instructed the kids to color their butterfly.  Hannah did not want to and Caden colored his.  He said he wanted to color a rainbow on it (Caden's butterfly is the top one and Hannah's is the bottom one.)  After they colored their butterfly then I had them dot paint 4 blue dots on the butterfly.  Of course, they could not stop themselves!
Honeybees- For the honeybee I drew 2 circles and and 2 ovals for the honeybees body.  Caden cut out his (his is the top honeybee).  Then I drew 4 ovals for the honeybees wings.  Caden cut out the stripes and Hannah tried to cut stripes but they were just too small to put on her honeybee.  The kids added eyes and I had them draw a smile.


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