Friday, May 29, 2009

Salt Art

Got this Salt Art activity from here!  What a fun activity...we had a great time with this one!  Thank you Ramblings of a Crazy Woman for the great post!

Letter A

Hannah making a mess!

Hannah is finally starting to eat again.  Her pour little teeth bother her so much that she just doesn't want to eat except for her milk.  She is going to be 1 years old on June 2nd and she currently has 6 teeth and another one trying to poke through.  I love all the facial expressions!:)

Tot Trays

Hannah loves to pull all the tot trays down...she wants to play so bad!
I help Caden with the side pieces of the puzzle and then he does the inside by himself.

Circus Math Mat from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm.  I found some animal stickers so he could put them inside his Circus tent.  We talked about each animal.
Stacking CD's
Pouring beans.

I got the tot tray idea from this awesome site.

Camping in Livingston

Lake Livingston
Hannah loves riding on this little bike and loves making this face!  :))))  Makes me smile!
Answering her phone!
Chewing on blocks!  She loves taking them apart and gets frustrated because she can't put them back together.
Eating watermelon with family!  Hannah didn't like it!:
Putting who knows what in her mouth!
Yeah!  Camping is so fun!!!  We were blowing bubbles.
Hmmmmm!  What can we get into next!

Random things

For once, I decided to get cute with Caden's lunch!  It is really amazing how excited he got and we talked about eyes, nose, and mouth.  When he was eating the strawberry he said, 
"Eating nose"!  Once he ate his lunch I then gave him some cheetoes.  I have decided that I will give him what I want him to eat on his plate first and then present his treat after he eats the more fulfilling part of his food.
How sweet...helping sister!
Didn't quite get it on right but it was a great effort!

Caden is trying to be more independent and then quickly realizes that he needs help!  I do let him try and then I say, "Just let me know when you need my help"!  Usually about 30 sec. later he says, "elp (help) Mommy"!  I am very proud of him for trying.  During this particular independent moment he decided he would help Hannah get her shoe back on.  It was so cute to see him helping his little sister.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First experience with the Ice Cream Truck

Mommy and Hannah
Loved his Batman Ice-cream
Caden pointing out what he thinks Hannah wants!
Caden's Ice Cream!
Caden is so excited!!!

Birthday Party Fun

Boys being boys!
Everybody wanted to play with the car...the kids were trying so hard to take turns! lol
Hannah and Ana the birthday girl!
Hannah loved that car!
Caden loved the cupcakes...well he really loved the icing! lol

Wow!  Is the summer filled with birthday parties or what????  In the last few months we have been to 3 birthday parties and one graduation and a graduation party.  Oh and we are not done!  We have 3 baby showers...3 more birthday parties including Hannah's...what a busy summer so far...but fun!    

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Know a Rhino-Teddy Bear Picnic

Monday, for our lesson was to have a Teddy Bear Picnic.  We went to the park and had a picnic with Nonna during her lunch break!  The kids loved it!  Caden was talking about it all day.  He said, "Luv picnic Mommy"!  We brought ducky and rabbit instead of Teddy Bears because that is what Caden picked out from our stuffed animal collection.  He picked out one for himself and one for Hannah.  What a great day!:)  

Cute pictures of the kids

I can not believe she is already starting to climb...she climbed up all by herself.  (She is not even 1 years old yet)!

Caden hitting a baseball!  He has great hand eye coordination!  

I Kow a Rhino- Muddy Little Pigs and Furry Bear

In our lesson from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm we painted a pig.  The book talks about a little girl that plays in the mud with a pig.  We were supposed to paint with our fingers but Caden insisted on using a paint brush.   

In another part of the book the little girl goes for a picnic with a bear, so we also painted a bear.  In this lesson we were supposed to use a cotton ball attached to a clothes pin and paint the bear that way.  Again Caden insisted on using a paint brush.
I went to go and get something and I came back to this...Caden had cleaned up all of his mess and and put in in the container...even the paint plate.  I was so proud of him!!!!

I Know a Rhino-Tea Party

In the book I Know a Rhino the little girl has a tea party with a Rhino.  So our lesson from The Itty Bitty Bookworm was to have a tea party also.  I got the tea set from Target's dollar section.  I put a white pillow case on the kids picnic table.  I managed to get a hat on both of the kids! lol  Hannah's hat was given to her from her Mee-Maw and Caden's has was also given to him by Mee-Maw when he was 1 years old.  Both of the kids loved pouring the tea (water) on the table or in the cup.  They had a great time and looked sooooo cute playing.  (I really enjoyed the moment)!  


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