Thursday, August 5, 2010

Centers for the Week

Since we started school I have been placing stations (centers) whatever you want to call them around various places around the house.  I do not have a specific time I change them.  They are usually changed when they have lost interest or when I have the second to change them out. 

One of our stations was Four Seasons floor puzzle.   It was so cute, both of the kids worked together to put the puzzle together.

This is a photo album I made of different family members for them to recognize.

Our color is blue, so I placed blue beads to lace on a rod. 
Melissa & Doug Bead Sequencing Set

Blue stickers.

This was a station Hannah made up herself!!:)  When my husband goes through the mail he normally leaves the pile of junk mail on the counter.  Somehow it never makes it to the trash can.  This time he left the junk mail pile on the floor and Hannah really enjoyed it!  Thank you Daddy! 

We did this station outside.  I used shaving cream and we made squares.  Caden also made a C for his name.

I thought Hannah would like this, because she loves to make a mess.  As soon as I took this picture she was done.
Last we made cupcakes!  It was no one's birthday, I just put a candle in the cupcake so they could blow it out.  They saw the candle on the front of the package and they said they wanted to blow one out.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A couple of weeks ago we visited Daddy at work for lunch.  Aaron walked us around his office showing the kids off and when we went past the kitchen the kids spotted donuts.  We told them we they could not have any because we were going to eat lunch. 

So a week past and Caden was mad at me because we were going to a friends house.  The friend was a little girl.  Caden has no boy friends, all my friends have little girls.  So Caden said "I do not want to go to her house, I want to go to work with Daddy and eat donuts because he is a boy!"  So the next day Daddy brought Caden home a donut, and boy was he happy!!!!

Me Posters

I traced the kids and then they colored themselves.  See the wet spot on Hannah's picture?  We are in potty training mode and she really did potty on herself (poster), funny huh!
Then I had Caden measure himself.

Then I hung them on the wall.

Color Red and Counting 1-5

I put red food coloring in a glass of water and the kids watched the clear water turn red.

I had them line up and count red Vehicle Counters.

Play-doh 6 lb Container - Red

I made a red star and numbered the points from 1-5.  Next I numbered clothes pins and they had to match the number clothes pin with the correct number on the point of the star.
Clothes Pins Traditional Wood w/ Spring 48-Pack Wooden Clothespins 


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