Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hannah transferring with a strainer

I was so proud of Hannah this morning! While I was doing Mommy School with Caden Hannah was transferring pom poms from one container to the next with a strainer.

Clifford Counts Bubbles- The Big, Red Dog

Oh, that piece on the far right...sticking off the page is Cliffords "Big Tail"!!!!

The Big, Red Dog- This one came out funny! The lesson was to cut red construction paper into small pieces. Print out the clifford blackline and glue red pieces on the dog. Let me explain a little about Caden first...It cracks me up because Caden always says "I want a BIG snack Mommy", I want a BIG ice cream Mommy" or "I want LOTS"! So needless to say Caden wants everything BIG, so when he cut his construction paper I guess that is the smallest he goes in his mind!

Clifford Counts Bubbles- Butterflies

Butterflies- I had to do this lesson a little different...the lesson said to print out the butterfly backline, get a dried up maker, fill a bowl with a little bit of water. Then dip the marker in the water and use them to paint the butterfly. What a great idea!!!! Well go figure, I did not have a dried up marker. So we used glitter! When one of our markers get dried up I will defiantly have to try that lesson.

Clifford Counts Bubbles- Dogs and Bones

Dogs and bones- I print and cut out the dog and bone blacklines from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm (that is were I get all of my cut outs unless it is sited otherwise). We played a color matching game with the bones. After he matched them Caden wanted to glue them on the dog.

Clifford Count's Bubbles- Honeybee

Honeybee- In the story it talks about a bumblebee... for the lesson instructions I was to cut out 1 oval, 1 circle, and wings out of construction paper. I decided to let Caden do this activity on his own with a glue stick. He also made his own lines on the bumble bee with a marker. I helped put the glue on for the eyes and antennas.


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