Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Day of Mommy School July 2010

We started our first day of K4!  Caden has been asking me all summer to do Mommy School.  I did not have anything planned because I have been planning and organizing 2010-2011 Mommy School.

Caden's Curriculum 2010-2011 (3-4 years old):
Bob Jones Press Footsteps for Fours.  So far I love it!  Hannah is just joining us when she wants to participate.  She will be starting Mother's Day Out at the end of August so I can really work with Caden.  When she is not at Mother's Day Out I will do Mommy School with her.

Hannah's Curriculum 2010-2011 (2 years old):
Hands on Homeschooling
Confessions of a Homeschooler
The Itty-Bitty Bookworm
 Hannah did not want to get out of her pajamas.
For Caden's Mommy School we started off with our names so we made name tags.  He wanted name tags for everyone including our dog.
And me!


Bible Lesson are coming from all different kinds of resources.  Our first lesson is Jonah and the Big Fish.  I read the story from this Beginners Bible Reader, which I love.
Jonah and the Big Fish (I Can Read! / Beginner's Bible, The) 
Colored Jonah and the Big Fish from Dltk.
We are also doing this craft but have not completed it yet.

Then the kids drew a picture of themselves on a 4x6 index card.  Colored a school house, cut the doors out and then we glued the index card to the back of the school house so we could see them in the doors.

Here are our centers.  I put them in labeled boxes on a shelf that my husband made because we do no have enough room to place centers around the room and house.
I also started Caden a Chore Chart.  I started with morning chores first.  For example:  brush teeth, brush hair, eat breakfast, make bed etc....if he completes all morning chores he gets one quarter.  He said he wants a Buzz Lightyear so we decided that he needs to get 20 quarters to reach his goal.  He can also earn quarters throughout the day.  If he is caught sharing, being nice to his sister, things of that sort.  I got the chore chart from here. 


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