Saturday, January 9, 2010

Number 7 and Letter M

Friday we officially started back to Mommy School. It went great! The kids were focused the entire time. Which is always difficult with a 3 year old and a 20 month old.

We began with our calendar, weather, alphabet song and new winter songs. Caden is really doing great with his alphabet and he also knows all his letter sounds. Thanks to LeapFrog The Letter Factory.

Then we moved to the kitchen table to do art. This helps eliminate paint in any other parts of the house.

Letter M:
  • We used the poster from A Beka and it has a song that goes with it for teaching the sound of the letter M.
  • I looked up Sesame Street letter M on YouTube and had the kids watch that after I introduced the letter.
  • We painted the letter M and decorated it. M is for Mountain, we put white caps on top of the M.
Number 7:
  • Looked up Sesame Street #7 on YouTube and had the kids watch it.
  • Colored a number 7 worksheet. When they were coloring I gave them 7 markers.
  • I gave each of them 7 bugs and a basket. I had them dump the bugs out of the basket and count 7 of them into the basket.

Slowly getting back on track!

Counting bugs

Stacking cups and blocks

Caden really enjoyed playing with pretend snow.

At the beginning of last week I decided we should slowly get back into things. I am sure glad I did because Monday we did an unorganized Mommy School and Tuesday our heater broke. So we had to stay at my parents house and my Mother and Father in-laws house. Thank goodness we got it fixed before the temperature dropped to freezing.


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