Monday, July 6, 2009


Alphabet Lotto

Alphabet Lotto-  Caden did two cards and was done with this activity.  Hannah loved it...even though she didn't know what she was matching.  lol

B for Bear Puppet

Red Rubber Ball-Vocabulary and Sound Sort

We are currently reading Red Rubber Ball and following the Bailey's July Year 2 Itty-Bitty Bookworm Curriculum.  The vocabulary cards came from Bailey's July Year 2 Curriculum and the Sound Sorting lesson came from Bo's Curriculum.  

Sound Sort-  I ask Caden what the first letter of the word is of his vocabulary words and he matches it with the correct letter.  Last time we did upper case letters and this time we did lower case letters.  I had to help him a little... we need to work more on recognizing lower case letters.   Over all he did well!   

Magic Nuudles

I love this picture...I wish I would have taken it with my SLR.

We had a blast with these Magic Nuudles.    Not messy, easy to clean and fun to play with.  We made shapes, flowers, crosses, and Caden liked making lines.  All you need is a damp sponge. :)))

B for Bean

I got this idea from DLTK.

Fun at the Zoo

Zoe, Caden, Mommy, and Hannah


Regan and Hannah

Zoe and Caden looking at the Giraffes
Regan and Caden looking at the elephants.

Hannah and Caden


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