Friday, March 5, 2010

Tot Trays-Sorting, Counting and Colors

Matching colors. I got the bear clips from the Dollar Store.

Counting Dice

I got these dice at the Dollar Store too. We played a few games:
He rolled the dice and what ever number he rolled we stacked in the same stacks.

Then I got out a sentence strip with the numbers 1-10 and
Caden rolled the dice counted the dots and then he put it on the correct number.
Then we sorted pebbles. I got everything you see there from the Dollar Store too.

Raising Rock Stars- Matthew 13: 3-8 Good and Bad Soil

I got so inspired by 1+1+1 Raising Rock Stars post that I begin posting more about our Bible Lessons. We are trying to include our Bible Lessons on a more consistent schedule and this will totally help by doing this post.

So we started with the Parable of the Sower. I got the flower from Making Learning Fun. Our Bible lesson comes from ABC Jesus Loves Me.

I also purchased the Read n' See DVD Bible that Clarisa suggested. We love it because we read our scripture, do an activity and then watch the clip from Read n' See DVD.

Little White Duck- Frog

Caden finger painting his frog

Mixing yellow and blue to make green.

We also made green jello!


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