Monday, March 2, 2009

Hannah's First Step

Yeahhhhh!!!!  Hannah took her first step on Sun., March 1st, Aaron and I's 6 year Anniversary!!!  We were at my parents house and we were having Hannah walk back and forth between me and Aaron (we were holding her hands).  We let go and she took two steps!!!  Balanced and everything.

(Picture is not at parents house or when she was taking her steps)


It was so funny last week we were outside and Aaron was hammering a wind chime up and Caden ran and got his hammer and started hammering everything.  Halarious!!!

Caden's Shamrocks

Since St. Patrick's Day is this month I wanted Caden to learn what Shamrocks are.  We are going to do a few activities all month and our first one was done today.  I cut out shamrocks and with glue I put 1 letter of his name on each shamrock and he sprinkled the glitter on.  He enjoyed seeing and calling out the letters of his name.

David and Goliath

We have been reading about David and Goliath in our Bible Book (Caden calls it). We also did a craft to go along with it. It is called David's Bag of Stone's. Caden enjoyed painting the rocks and had to put googlie eyes on them.

Just Talking

I am soooo ready for spring to be here.  I am tired of being inside!!!!  We are making it though!  

Hannah is sick today so we can't go to the library and it is tooo cold for Caden to go outside because he has a runny nose.  Caden has been allllll into cars lately, I have to pull him away from them, or they have to sit at the table with us while we are doing an activity.  lol  

Last Thurs. we played play-doe and went outside for majority of the day.  It was sooo nice.  
It was so funny, that same day, I had given Hannah her snack and then I heard Caden cry (he had just woken up from his nap).  So I left Hannah and her snack while I went to go and get Caden.  When I came back she had opened  her snack all on the floor.  Sooo cute!!!


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