Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Carson 1 Month Old

Wow!  Carson is already 1 month old.  He is such a good and sweet little baby.  He nurses about every 2-3 hours, and a very efficient nurser.  He rarely cries for more than a couple of minutes, which is a huge relief since Hannah was colic for 4 months.  The little fussing he does is when he needs to burp or when he is tired and he just wants to be put down to sleep.

Caden and Hannah are doing very well!  I thought Hannah would have a hard time when Carson arrived, but she is doing great especially since she is able to be held now.  She was not able to be held my entire pregnancy.  I do not hold her much but when she is hurt or just really tired I like to hold her.  Caden absolutely loves Carson.  I cant get his hands off of him.  He tells me at least 5 times a day that he loves his brother.  Caden loves to hold Carson's hands.  While Caden is watching cartoons he holds one of Carson's hands the entire show.  So cute!

 He is already holding his head up!!!!



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