Friday, May 1, 2009

Hannah walking at 10 1/2 months


One of the suggested play centers from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm lessons, Miss Polly Has a Dolly is for the children to have Dr. toys to pretend they are making their baby or dolly feel better.  So I bought one at Toys r us.  Caden was semi-interested in all the Dr. tools.  I will be leaving that out for him to get familiar with.  We talked about being sick and how the Dr. makes you feel all better.

Lacing Card

Caden looks like he is interested in the lacing card that I got at Toys r us (here it is on Amazon), but he's not.  He tried it one time and put it down.  I showed him and helped him do it, but still not interested.  I will leave it out so he can keep trying  it to gain more confidence.  

Shape Matching

I cut out the shapes provided by The Itty-Bitty Bookworm and had Caden match the shapes.  Totally got the matching part of the activity.  I asked him other questions like:  What color each shape was?  What was the name of each shape?  Point to the big shape...small shape?  He gets yellow and red mixed up, but always knows yellow.  He knows blue and the sizes of the shapes.  He also gets the triangle confused sometimes.  He knows all the following shapes:  square, circle, diamond, heart, octagon, star but is confused with the triangle.  

Play date and The Itty-Bitty Bookworm

This is a really cute activity from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm!  It is called Fluffy Ice Cream Cones.  I used the ice cream pattern and cut out the ice cream cone on brown paper (I only had one piece).  Then we put 5 cotton balls in a plastic bag.  Added some paint, close the bag and let them squish the bag.  Once completed let the kids take out the cotton balls and glue them on the ice cream cone.  We let the kids continue painting since they enjoyed it so much.  I used the paint brush idea from one of the other Itty-Bitty bookworm activities.  You take a clothes pin and clip a cotton ball and there is their paint brush.

We are finally getting back into the swing of things with our play-dates and Caden's activities because Hannah was sick and then other things popped up.  So glad things are getting back to normal!

We got together with our friend Ra-Ra.  Both toddlers started out rocky...didn't want to know toddlers.  Then we got some food in them and then we did some Itty-Bitty Bookworm activities.  They both enjoyed it!  

Yoga Fitness Plus

Ok, so last week I went to a Yoga class at the gym.  I haven't worked out in about 1.5 years which is very out of the norm for me because before kids, I was a workout freak.  I played competitive volleyball almost everyday.  If I didn't play volleyball I would workout or go surfing.  Everyday was some kind of exercise.  I can totally feel the tiredness in my body and the strength and flexibility is gone.  So my goal is to exercise at least 3 x a week.  Two weeks ago was when  I started.  The first week I did 3x a week, this week has been 1x but the week is not over until Sun. lol  

Last week for my workout was my first time to try yoga.  I was bored, but defiantly felt the workout as I was walking out the door.  I wasn't really excited about trying yoga again.  My plan was to go back to my old workout...ya, you know, the old weights and cardio (boring).  So I decided that I didn't really want to go back to the old workout.  So I tried yoga again because my friend said that there are different kinds of yoga.  I realized that it is hard for me to consistently get out of the house with the kids and put them in the child care at the gym, which I am not fond of.  What I did was look at the ON DEMAND from out cable network.  There I found a great yoga video and it was FREEEEE!  I could only do 35 minutes of it but I did it.  Here is the yoga video I did...Yoga Plus.   The poses were faster than the lady that taught the one at the gym and I didn't have to go anywhere.  The only problem with not going to the gym is for me to self motivate myself to last the entire vidoe.  I didn't today because it was hard and it was my first time.  So next time I hope to make it 45 minutes. 

Wish me luck!!!      


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