Monday, July 27, 2009

My Helment Cutie Pie!

Hannah is 6 days away from being 14 months old

Hannah sleeping! Can you believe it was night time in this picture? We got a new flash for the camera and boy is it bright!

Hannah's wearing Caden's helment! Sorry about the boobie action, I just coudn't pass up such a cute picture!:)

Safety Lesson

Here I printed off the color flash cards from the site below. We matched the colors with the words. Then talked about what was the first letter of each word.
After I was done with the lesson Caden decided he wanted to draw too. Up at the top he tried to draw a helment. (Soo cute!!!)

Caden did really well with this lesson...I printed these pictures off the site below also. We talked about each picture (bike, matches, car, and swimming pool). I asked Caden what would we need to do to keep safe in each situation. Next to each picture I drew a picture and wrote the words of what we would do to keep safe.

Safety Lesson- I just happened to find this preschool post and found some great lessons.

Clifford Counts Bubbles- Bunnies

Bunnies- In the story there is a Bunny, so we talked about the bunny then painted one. I know the bunny isn't brown in the story but Caden didn't notice. lol (ran out of brown construction paper to paint bunny white).

Clifford Count's Bubbles- Giant bubbles and Bubble wands

Giant Bubbles- We didn't get to make giant bubbles this week as planned in the lesson, so we just made do with mini-giant bubbles. The lesson was to make a special bubble solution and put it in a baby pool. Have the child stand in the baby pool inside of a hula hoop and lift the hula hoop up and then the child would be standing inside the bubble. Sounds like a lot of fun but for one I never was able to get a hula hoop and I just could not do that with Hannah outside with us. Maybe next year!

Bubble wands- We did make bubble wands today, but I was not able to take a picture of them. For the lesson we bent and formed pipe cleaners into bubble wands. Lots of fun!


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