Thursday, December 15, 2011

Letter C/Christmas

 Mary Shares her Good News Luke 1:39-56.  We made whispering tubes from Hubbards Cubbard.  I had the kids whisper God Loves you and some other things to each other.
 We watched some Christmas songs on You Tube.
 Caden did a story sequence of gingerbread baking from Making Learning Fun.
 They both sorted C and G sounds from Starfall.
 Our color of the month is green and Hannah colored the things that were green in her picture from Sing, Spell, Read and Write PreK.  We also sing the green song.
 Our shape of the month is stars.  I had Hannah sort different shaped stars.
 This was also from Hubbards Cubbard.  I read John the Baptist is Born Luke 1:57-80.  The black dots are sin.  The zig zag line is us choosing the wrong path.
 Inside was a straight road and when we follow that path we have Jesus in our heart.
 Roll a reindeer from Making Learning Fun.

 Letter C play doh mat.

 Angel shape count from Making Learning fun.
 The kids sang Jingle Bells and We Wish You A Merry Christmas in our Preschool Co-op Group.  It was so cute!
 Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem.  Anticipation of the Light of the World.  Luke 2:1-5.  So we made candle sticks from Hubbards Cubbard.

Fun Times

 Caden has really been into Legos lately.  He built this one all by himself he calls it Robot.
 This girl insisted on me getting these pajamas for her at the store.  Hannah would love to be a baby all over again if she could!  lol
 Silly girl!
 Caden doing what he does best!  Filling up his trucks with dirt.  My little worker!
Hannah made mud pies!  Don't you just love how she added decoration?  There are flowers and grass!  Too cute!

Baby Jesus is Born!

The day of Caden's Birthday party he drew this picture of Baby Jesus in the manger with Mary on the left and Joseph on the right.  The 2 things outside of the stable are gifts for Jesus.  He did this all by himself.  Love it!

Happy Birthday Jesus

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus with our Homeschool Playdate Group.  


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