Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Over in the Meadow- Mommy School Routine Presentation

Here is my Mommy School Routine Presentation for Over in the Meadow. I did not get to Geography and PE Time this week. We have been spending a lot of time outside.

Cute Spring Craft

We did this cute spring craft at our library and I thought I would share. Cut the portion out of the paper plate you see in the picture. Then glue the cut piece of the plate on the bottom of the plate. You only put glue on the wavy part of the plate so it makes a pocket for the flowers to be glued into.


Over in the Meadow-Counting Animals and Have You Ever Been Camping?

Have you ever been camping? I posted the questions on the easel and printed out the tents, colored them and put our names on them. I picked up a tent with one of our names on it and asked who's name it was and then asked him the questions. He then put it under yes or no. Then we added the columns up.
Counting Animals- I made 8 squares on a piece of paper and numbered them. Caden was to put the correct amount of animals stickers in each square.

Over in the Meadow- Sentece Starters

Our lesson today from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm was Sentence Starters. I do not have a picture for this one but it was pretty funny!

We started off with...(Caden's words are in blue)

If I were a turtle I would....swim in the water.
If I were a fish I would...swim real high and bump your head.
bird...have wings and say Ohhhh and bump your head.
muskrat...go to the map. on the map.
crow...bump my head on the ground and spin and can't find my Mom.
cricket...bump my head and find my house and can't find Lightning McQueen.
lizard...hide and can't find my Mom.

Boy, was he being silly! He was circling around the room and having a ball coming up with all this stuff!

Over in the Meadow-Animal Homes

I have decided to graduate Caden to Preschool Corner!! Hannah will be posted as Tot School.
Calendar Time- I got this pointer from Mardels last weekend and Caden has been obsessed with it. I love it too because it helps he understand what number he is actually counting and one to one correspondence.
Animal Homes- We are reading Over in the Meadow and our lesson from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm was to print out the animals homes and the animals. Caden had to figure out what animal belonged to what home. I had him look through the book to figure it out.
Then I got him some Lincoln Logs and we built a log cabin together. I also brought out all his animals and his farm.


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