Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First day of Gymnastics Class!

Love it!

I told the kids to do gymnastics....

Letter H

I found this worksheet...don't remember which one but I was very impressed with Cadens writing.

This was a cute game I made up. I cut out big pumpkins and little pumpkins and laminated them. I also had one big bag and one small bag. First, the kids started by the door and I would say "On your mark get set, Go"! I gave each child a pumpkin and then they had to put the correct size pumpkin in the correct size bag.
Then I used a dry erase marker and put upper case H on the big pumpkins and a lower case h on the small pumpkins and we did the same thing.

Pumpkin Carving

Our cute little pumpkins!

They don't look too happy do they? It's hard work carving pumpkins!

I had the kids draw on the little pumpkins and Hannah drew on her face! lol

Balloon Festival

Mee-Maw's Birthday

Aunt Jill and Baby Lyla

Caden lovesssss cupcakes!

Hannah just discovered cupcakes mmmmmm!

Caden helping Mee-Maw blow out her birthday candle.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I traced the spider web with hot glue and Hannah used her finder to feel the texture.

Shakers song. I tried to download the shaker song but I can't get the pictures to download. Here it is....
If your 1, 1, 1, shake it on your thumb, thumb, thumb.
If your 2, 2, 2 shake it on your shoe, shoe, shoe.
If your 3, 3, 3 shake it on your knee, knee, knee.
If your 4, 4, 4 shake it on the floor, floor, floor.
If your 5, 5, 5 do the jive!

Hannah colored the cat black line from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm and I cut construction paper out and she glued it to the cat.


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