Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Potty Training Update

I told Caden that when we got back from vacation we would practice tee-teeing in the potty.  Well today is day 3 and WOW I am very impressed with his progress.  Read below about our game plan.  

Our game plan:  I have left Caden with just a t-shirt on for the past 3 days.  It works very well for him because he can visually see when he tee-tees.  He then knows that it is time to go potty. Yes, there is a lot of cleaning at first (we have wood floor so it is very easy to clean), by day 2 he tee-tee a very little amount on the floor and knew it was time to finish on the potty.  Today, which is day 3 he is wearing his underwear and now understands the need to go and goes to the potty before he tee-tees.  I am also using a free potty chart.  Everytime he tee-tees in the potty he gets a sticker on the chart.  After 5 stickers he gets a prize.

I have only gone two places in the last 3 days.  For our 1st day of potty training we went to Grandparents house and he did not want to potty there so we wore a diaper.  Day 2 we went to the library and he wore a diaper but as soon as we got home we took off his diaper.  Day 3 we went to Target to get him his prize and he did not want to wear a diaper he wanted to wear underwear.  Yeahhh!  So now is the hard part...bowel training.

I hope this helps for anyone that is potty training or thinking about potty training.  I have not pushed him, I actually kind of leave him (not stressing him out) alone and let him do it on his time (I think that is why it works well to not wear any underwear or diaper at home).  I just leave the potty out in the living room so he can see it (along with his potty training chart).      


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