Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Been Awhile

It has been quit awhile since I have posted, here is what has been going on:

1. Put house on the market.
2. In and out of the house for showings.
3. In the process of building a new home.
4. Thanksgiving.
5. Sold old home.
6. Caden's Birthday
7.  Moved out of old home.
8.  Moved in with in-laws.
9.  Christmas
10.  Moved into new house.

We have been so busy.  We managed to still do school here and there but did not take any pictures.  I would like to start blogging again, since we are finally settled in.  Pictures of the new playroom and schoolroom will be posted soon.  In the mean time here are some pictures of Caden being silly. 

Oh, ya along with all that craziness Hannah had a horrible rash (eczema) all over her body.  So we had some test done with our primary physician and she was allergic to 6 things.  So I did the gluten free diet and took out everything she was allergic to and still here body was covered with the eczema.  So I called my Holistic Dr. and he told me she is not allergic to anything, her body may have a low immune system and it is trying to fight off some kind of bacteria or whatever it may be.  So we are using his wholefood supplements and she is doing great and is healing nicely and eating regular food.  Crazy! 

I will add some of Hannah tomorrow.


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