Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bluebonnet Pictures

Last weekend we went to visit Aaron's Grandma (Nonnie) in the country.  Caden loves to go to the country.  He gets to see "Big Cows" he says.  Caden loves to run around and just be a boy.  

On the way we decided to take pictures in the bluebonnets.  They actually came out good.  When we stopped Hannah was sleeping and we woke her up and Caden was just about to doze off.  So we woke of both of the kids thinking we probably wouldn't get any photos but we should just try. It all worked out great!  Caden loved running up and down the hill until he got stickers all on his hands.    

The Grocery Game

Thanks to my Aunt for introducing me to The Grocery Game.  Take a look at the site if you want to save money on groceries.  It basically finds all the deals and coupons and leads you to them in what is called Teri's list.  Last Sun. I saved $15 in coupons and $44 in Kroger savings.  A total of $59.  Supposedly I will be saving more once I get my stock pile up.  I will keep everyone posted on my grocery saving.:)  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun at our newly renovated Children's Museum

We had a such a nice time at our newly renovated Children's Museum with our awesome Mee-Maw.  It was very crowded, I'm sure it was because it was still spring break for others.  I was kind of disappointed in the new Totspot!  It just wasn't as colorful and hands on as the other Totspot was.  The kids enjoyed the new one so that's all that matters.  The other parts of the Museum are really neat though. 

It was so funny because when we got there all Caden wanted to do was find all the cars and line them up!  Exactly what he does at home majority of his day!  Too funny!   

Hannah enjoyed climbing up the soft little stairs in the baby area.  She loved it!  She also loved the kissing herself in the mirror!  lol  Did you see the picture of my twins!  Heeeee  How adorable if there were two of Hannah!

Diamond Kite

Instead of using tissue paper we used green and pink streamers.  

Piggy in the Puddle cup

Soooo focused!!!  

Making Mud

Remember this is still from the Itty Bitty Bookworm and goes a long with the book Piggy in the Puddle.  What we did was put some dirt in an empty juice bottle and I had Caden pour water into the dirt.  He enjoyed pouring from one container to the next.  He played for about 30-45 min.  Caden kept saying "Mud Mommy, Mud Mommy."

Big Pig Collage (Green and Pink)

I printed out a picture of pigs in grass and cut out some pink pieces of foam and green pieces of construction paper.  I had Caden find the green and pink colors on the picture with the pigs and match the color with the small pieces of paper and glue them on the picture.  So basically a matching game with pink and green.   

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Piggy in the Puddle cont.

We are still on Piggy in the Puddle!  I would love to try and do at least 2 activities a day from the Itty Bitty Bookworm but we have only been able do activities 2 days a week.  Last week was very busy so I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but we had fun!  

Group Activity:
  •  Is That a Pig?- I printed out pig and animal picture cards and I showed Caden them and asked if they were a pig or not.  He did a good job!  I thought he wouldn't pay attention to this activity because he is very hands on.
  • Pigs say- This activity you put all the picture cards (animal and pig) in a bag and pull them out one by one and ask what sound does the animal make?  He loved the rooster sound!  I should have recorded him saying it and post it.  Next time!
Creative Arts:
  • Pig Ear Headbands-Made a pink band to fit around his head and then cut ears and he glued them on the band.  He wore the band all day!
  • Diamond Collage- In this activity I cut small and large diamonds pink and green.  I also got some stickers.  I asked him various questions:  Where is the large green diamond?  Where is the small pink diamond?  Etc.  I had alphabet stickers and I would ask him were is the letter J and so on?  He did really good with activity.  He enjoyed me quizzing him!  
  • Piggy Family-We printed out 5 little pigs and I got another piece of construction paper and made a house.  I asked him who was in our family and then he got to pick out the pig that was that person.  Such as Hannah pig and then he colored the pig and got to glue the pig in the house.  I also asked him if he knew which pig was the Mommy pig, just to see if he could recognize the words on the pig.  He didn't but we talked about it anyway.  
Outside Play-
I am so loving the weather!!!  We were outside almost everyday last week!  I can't wait until Hannah can walk so she can play too.  Caden has been really into his sand box lately.  Which I am loving because we bought the 2 sand boxes at garage sales and got great buys.  One was $10 and the other was $5.  One is supposed to be a sand and water but we figured that would be too messy for just free play.  

Hannah's first day at the beach

Friday we took Hannah to the beach for the first time!  She had a great time!  We had this blanket thing we sat on and she stayed on it the whole time.  When we took Caden for the first time when he was little he would not stay on the blanket.  He would eat sand, roll in sand and get messy from head to toe (that's what boys are supposed to do, right!).  Hannah would go to the edge of the blanket and pick up the sand and let it fall out of her little hands.  She was just fascinated to look at all the people and boy where there a lot of people (spring break).  

After about 45 min. at the beach everyone was getting  hungry.  So our plan was to take the stroller and walk along the sea wall to the restaurant were we would eat.  You know what?  The plan worked, no fussing everybody was happy!  We ate at the restaurant and then walked back.  Still everyone was happy!  Then we even went back and played a little more on the beach.  There was still no fussing.  They both did so great!  What a great time at the beach!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bowling Birthday Party

We had such a great time at my best friend's kiddoes birthday party.  It was Caden's first time to bowl!!!  

Chicken, Zucchini, and Potatoes

This is one of everyone's favorites.  I finally have a picture!
Chicken with Chicken Rub and Olive Oil
  • Chicken with bone and skin
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Chicken Rub Seasoning 
You can cook this on the grill or in the oven.  It is more crispier on the grill than the oven.  

Directions for grill:
Heat grill on the low setting.  Place chicken on any pan.  Sprinkle desired amount of Chicken Rub Seasoning on chicken, then drizzle Extra Virgin Olive oil over chicken.  Flip chicken and do the same to the other side.  Place chicken meat side down and cook for 20 min. flip and coo for another 20 min.  Chicken Breast take longer...I think about 30 min. on each side.  

Zucchini or Yellow Squash
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Kosher Salt
Put about 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the pan.  Heat skillet on medium heat.  While skillet is heating wash and peal zucchini.  Slice zucchini and place in pan, sprinkle salt and cook until brown I think about 20 min.  

  • Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Kosher Salt
  • Tonies Creole
Turn oven on at 400 degrees.  Wash, peel, and cut potatoes.  Drizzle olive oil in a pan, place potatoes in pan and then drizzle more olive oil over potatoes.  Sprinkle very little salt and then sprinkle desired amount of Tonies creole.  Cook for about 30 min.  The longer you cook them the crispier they will get.

Caden hasn't been eating much vegetables lately so after I cooked the Zucchini I put it in a food processor just until it was cut in small pieces and I put it in his mac and cheese and he ate all of it.  I was so excited!!!  Usually if he sees anything green anywhere he will take it out.  This time he couldn't see it as much!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rodeo with Caden

We had such a fun time with Caden at the Rodeo!!!!!  I did not think we would get to see Keith Urban last night but Caden made it through and he loved it.  First we went and saw all the animals and he couldn't get enough of them.  When we got to the stadium he was a little overwhelmed with the loud stadium but when the fireworks blared he was defiantly in shock and just stared and stared.  The music came on then he was mesmerized (spelling?).  He had a great time!  Oh, and Keith Urban was awesome!!!!!!  


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