Sunday, March 22, 2009

Piggy in the Puddle cont.

We are still on Piggy in the Puddle!  I would love to try and do at least 2 activities a day from the Itty Bitty Bookworm but we have only been able do activities 2 days a week.  Last week was very busy so I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but we had fun!  

Group Activity:
  •  Is That a Pig?- I printed out pig and animal picture cards and I showed Caden them and asked if they were a pig or not.  He did a good job!  I thought he wouldn't pay attention to this activity because he is very hands on.
  • Pigs say- This activity you put all the picture cards (animal and pig) in a bag and pull them out one by one and ask what sound does the animal make?  He loved the rooster sound!  I should have recorded him saying it and post it.  Next time!
Creative Arts:
  • Pig Ear Headbands-Made a pink band to fit around his head and then cut ears and he glued them on the band.  He wore the band all day!
  • Diamond Collage- In this activity I cut small and large diamonds pink and green.  I also got some stickers.  I asked him various questions:  Where is the large green diamond?  Where is the small pink diamond?  Etc.  I had alphabet stickers and I would ask him were is the letter J and so on?  He did really good with activity.  He enjoyed me quizzing him!  
  • Piggy Family-We printed out 5 little pigs and I got another piece of construction paper and made a house.  I asked him who was in our family and then he got to pick out the pig that was that person.  Such as Hannah pig and then he colored the pig and got to glue the pig in the house.  I also asked him if he knew which pig was the Mommy pig, just to see if he could recognize the words on the pig.  He didn't but we talked about it anyway.  
Outside Play-
I am so loving the weather!!!  We were outside almost everyday last week!  I can't wait until Hannah can walk so she can play too.  Caden has been really into his sand box lately.  Which I am loving because we bought the 2 sand boxes at garage sales and got great buys.  One was $10 and the other was $5.  One is supposed to be a sand and water but we figured that would be too messy for just free play.  



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