Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hannah's first day at the beach

Friday we took Hannah to the beach for the first time!  She had a great time!  We had this blanket thing we sat on and she stayed on it the whole time.  When we took Caden for the first time when he was little he would not stay on the blanket.  He would eat sand, roll in sand and get messy from head to toe (that's what boys are supposed to do, right!).  Hannah would go to the edge of the blanket and pick up the sand and let it fall out of her little hands.  She was just fascinated to look at all the people and boy where there a lot of people (spring break).  

After about 45 min. at the beach everyone was getting  hungry.  So our plan was to take the stroller and walk along the sea wall to the restaurant were we would eat.  You know what?  The plan worked, no fussing everybody was happy!  We ate at the restaurant and then walked back.  Still everyone was happy!  Then we even went back and played a little more on the beach.  There was still no fussing.  They both did so great!  What a great time at the beach!!!!



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