Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun at the Park

My daughter looks nothing like me...all her Daddy

I Love Adobe Lightroom2

Love this picture!!!!
Ohhhhh, my sweet little girl!

Family Photo
This is Hannah on our vacation to Corpus.
What a rare shot!!!
Ok, I need to explain with this photo! About every 2-3 months I get an itch to move furniture around. Apparently Caden watches me as I move things. So one day he decided that he would move things too. On this particular day Caden was very fussy because he was we did not care at all that he was moving all this stuff around in his playroom. We had a tent and a tunnel set up and he moved everything inside his tent and tunnel. lol

My husband bought Adobe Lightroom2 and he has done some really neat things to some of our photos. Just wanted to share.

Thank you Maw-Maw and Aunt Paula

Teamwork with Melissa and Doug Clock (Sorry Hannah doesn't have a shirt on but she kept pulling her arm out so i just took it off).
This was a big hit, the Hide n' seek eggs.

Hannah was so excited to get her Birthday presents from her Maw-Maw V and Aunt Paula. It was so sweet of them to let me pick out the toys online and have them mailed to the door. Here are some of the other toys that I wasn't able to get a picture of her playing with them because she has been sick this weekend.

Sensory Tub

Caden is currently 30 months

Not much has gone on this week with Tot School, but we are looking forward to a new week and will be discussing Bubbles!

Thank you so much Tara for sharing the ideas about the Sensory Tubs. I have the same issues as I am sure every Mom has when we are cooking dinner...the kids all of the sudden don't want to play with their don't want to resort to turning on the TV and they want to be in the kitchen and tend to be very fussy. So today I tried making a Sensory Tub with my son Caden. He practiced cutting and by the way he loved cutting straws. Then when it was time for dinner I put the wagon of straws out with measuring cups and a muffin pan so they could transfer the straws from one thing to the next. Ya, they were occupied for at least 30 minutes for me to put dinner in the oven. It was kind of a mess to clean up but I didn't care, as long as I could get dinner ready. Next time I may put something underneath them when they play for an easier clean up. Thanks again Tara


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