Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tot School and Preschool Corner- Flower Baskets

Hannah is currently 23 months old and Caden is currently 3 years and 5 months old.

I put Tot School and Preschool Corner all in one post this week.  I am finding it too difficult to put them in separate post.  Hannah is in Tot School and Caden is in Preschool Corner.

The color of the week is yellow.  I did not put them in yellow on purpose.  When we started painting our suns yellow I noticed both kids were in yellow.  Crazy huh!
Hannah's sun
Caden's sun
Hannah played with our alphabet puzzle.
Caden drew his first little person.  He was drawing circles so I said, "add two eyes, nose and a mouth."  He did, and then I said, "he needs arms and legs" and that is what he drew all by himself.  Toooooo cute!!!
Hannah loves to feed Kelso.  So last week she decided to feed him without our help.  
I guess she felt like he was really hungry!! :)
We made flower baskets.  I cut a paper plate in half and let the kids decorate them with foam flower stickers.  Then I stapled the plates together so it made a little pocket.  Then I punched two holes on the side of the plates and tied a piece of ribbon for the strap.  After we were done we went on a walk to put flowers in our flower basket.
Then we asked out neighbor is we could pick some of her flowers.  Caden said "we have to ask first."  So she was kind enough to take us in her backyard and the kids got to put a whole bunch of flowers in their basket.


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