Monday, August 17, 2009

Cornstarch Sidewalk Paint

I got this idea from Pink and Green Mama. She has such and awesome and colorful site. Check out her site to get the recipe and also to just take a look around her site, you will be drawn in by all the bright and colorful colors.


Daddy, Kids, and Marker...Oh My!

Hannah so proud that she can put the top on and off of a marker...scary!

Caden, writing on the table...under the supervision of Daddy! lol

Hannah, writing on her face!

Marker all over Hannah's face, hands, and the table! Needless to say the kids had a great time with Daddy!


Hannah putting with the putter Daddy cut down for Caden.
Hannah, not quit sure what to do. She saw Daddy and Caden use it....but still not sure.

Caden knows exactly what to do...he is a pro!

Caden has been hitting a golf ball since he was 13 months old. About the age of Hannah in the picture above. I need to pull it out and compare the two!

Pocket Chart and Flashcards

Hannah is 14 1/2 months

Hannah loves to use the pocket chart. She usually is just pulling down what I have up there for Caden. So today I did flashcards with her. I had a stack of flashcards and I would say the flashcard and then she would put it in the pocket chart. She loved it!


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