Friday, July 24, 2009

B is for Bear and Counting to 3

Caden is 30 months

I don't remember where I got this from...sorry. Since we are talking about the number 3 I had them count out 3 marshmallows and then 3 toothpicks and showed them that they can stick the toothpicks inside the marshmallows and build something. They didn't build for long...they wanted to eat the marshmallows. lol

Train Puff Cloud Counting- I got this awesome idea from Teaching My Little Bookworm.
Here is the print off.

B is for Bear- Caden's picture

Zoe's bear

Zoe's number 3

Caden's number 3. I had them paint their number 3 and then add stickers that counted to 3.

Hannah coloring her bear.

Clifford Counts Bubbles- Sponge Stamping

Zoe making her sponge stamping.

Hannah had to try too!

Caden's sponge stamping.

With this activity we talked about the color and shape bubbles.

Clifford Counts Bubbles-Kitty Cats

Zoe, Caden's cousin wasn't too happy in this picture. Her whiskers kept falling off when she was holding up her cat to take the picture. :(

Caden's Kitty Cat. I guess I forgot to tell both of the kids to smile...they look sad. :( Then again they had snack right after they made their cat.

Bead Sorting

This is the way Hannha was bead sorting! lol

Caden did great but he was only interested in doing it 1 time. He said "Clean up" after he was done sorting. lol


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