Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reveal Party for Baby #3 2011

Since this is my last baby and we are all very excited about it.  We decided to have a Reveal Party with family and friends.

This is how it all went down.  Wednesday, September 14th I went to the Dr. for my 20 1/2 week ultrasound.  Aaron was not able to come because he was out of town so my Mother-in-law came.  We got to see baby and wondered the whole time if it was a boy or girl.

As soon as I saw the ultrasound Dr. I told her I did not want to know the gender but I had 2 envelopes ready for her to circle boy or girl.  I told her do not show me and I asked her if she could put the picture of the baby gender in one envelope and in the other envelope just circle boy or girl because that envelope will go to the cake lady.

So on Saturday, September 17th we had the Reveal Party.  My Dad cooked spaghetti, my grandma brought the bread, and my Aunt brought the salad and green beans.  I also had two different colored punches, pink and blue.  The theme was little birdies.  I made each of the kids shirts that said, "A little birdie told me it was...On Caden's it said boy and on Hannah's it said girl.  I also had everyone grab a name tag.  If they thought it was a girl they would grab a pink one and if they thought it was a boy they would grab a blue one.  Then I asked them to put a suggested name on the name tag they chose.  That would help us with trying to find a name.

We all ate dinner and then it was time for the cake cutting!!!!!  The kids had a cake of their own with their names on them.  On the count of 3 Aaron cut the cake.  Caden yelled out what it was first (I guess he had the best eye on the cake).  Inside of the cake was all BLUE!!!!!  It's a BOY!!!!!

 Here's the Little Birdie Cake.  Caden's cake was on the left and Hannah's on the right.  Now that I am looking at the cake after we found out they sure did put a lot of blue on the cake.  But we had no idea until we cut the cake.
 Look how excited they are to find out what their little baby will be!
 In this picture I was like, "wait, I am not ready yet"!  
 I am still stalling!
 Still stalling! LOL
 Caden's ready!
 Here we go!!!!
 Oh, I can't wait!!!!
 I am soooo surprised....I thought it was going to be a girl.  That is why I was wearing pink and Aaron was wearing blue.  I was sooooo excited and surprised!!!!!!!!  Wayyyyyy beyond funnnnnn to find out this way!
 Look at poor Hannah!  What is she thinking????  Another boy???
 Na, she just wanted to see what was in her cake.

 So I helped her cut her cake and we saw there was blue inside hers too and she felt much better!  Whewww!

If you are finding out the sex of your baby I defiantly recommend sharing this moment with your family and friends.  Again, we did not know the gender until we cut the cake.  It was defiantly more exciting to find out along with family and friends.

Here is Baby#3s profile!  Sooo cute!!!
 The diaper cake!
Here is a picture of Hannah's shirt.  I do not have a picture of Caden's.  It is the same but blue and says, boy at the bottom.


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