Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hannah putting sand in a cup

This was so cute...Hannah was putting sand inside a cup!  Thought I'd share!  She will be 11 months old May 2nd.

April update

April was a tough month for Hannah.  Very fussy...and she really hasn't been a fussy baby except the first 4 months of her life (guess she had colic, you never know at that age).  In the beginning of the wait it was at the end of March Hannah had a little stomach bug and from that point forward her bowls were never the same.  Come to find out she had 4 little teeth coming in all at the same time.  After all the teeth came through Hannah's bowls still weren't the same so the Dr. changed her formula from Similac Sensitive to Enfimil A.R.  Well still didn't work so I contacted my awesome Dr. that is a Chiropractor and studies nutritional health.  He thought it would be best to just start her on Organic Horizon whole milk.  Boy has she been doing great...she has been on it for 1 week and 2 days after she started the whole milk her bowls were back to normal and she drinks more of the milk and is sleeping through the night (for right now)!

So as of today Hannah is back to her to her cute, adorable funny self.  She is also cute she practices from one end of the room to the next clapping and laughing.  Sooooo cute!       


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