Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hannah's purse

Hannah was so cute yesterday.  She was carrying around Caden's Lightning McQueen bucket, like it was her purse.  It is so hard to believe that Hannah is only 11 months old and she is already trying to carry a purse!  Soooo cute!

Letter X

I decided that I would add a letter each week and Bible lessons along with Cadens Itty-Bitty Bookworm activities.  For the Letter each week I am getting the lessons from Preschool by Stormie.  This site has a lot of other great lessons that I will be using in the future.  I am getting the Bible Lessons from EBible Teacher.  On this site I pick and chose what I need because it is not made for toddlers, but I do like the way it's laid out and the lesson plans are really great.    

Tumble Bumble-Outside Art

Painting the letter X with water.

I can not believe that Caden painted for about 30 minutes with just water and a paint brush.  I really thought he would not last very long at this activity because it wasn't real paint.  

Tumble Bumble-My Favorite Character

Creation Lesson

I cut out the creation flashcards and we talked about each one of them. Then we talked about which number comes first and what God created on that day.
We also read our "Bible Book" (That's what Caden calls it) The Very Good Beginning p.15-35.

I got this Creation lesson from ebibleteacher.
We also downloaded some songs.
I really enjoyed reading the lessons and can't wait to be able to do them with my kids when they get older.


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