Monday, June 22, 2009

Spanish- 0, 1, 2, and 3

For learning spanish I showed Caden number flashcards and we also used this online game.

Magnetic Circles

With this activity we talked about circles and also about magnets.  I gave Caden a few objects to see if they would stick to the magnets.

Circle spin Art

Circle spin art was very fun for both kids.  I love when things work out that way!:)  I got this idea from Preschool by Stormie.  With this project we talked about circles and also sung "It's a Circle"

Name Sticks

I found this lesson from Preschool by Stormie.  I put Caden's, Mommy's, Daddy's, and Hannah's name on a stick.  We threw them up in the air and Caden had to find his name.  He defiantly enjoyed throwing them in the air.

Creation Lesson- God Created Light, Water, Sky and Air

I figured now is a great time to add Bible lessons in our curriculum.  I tried a while back but couldn't find a lesson that Caden could do and understand.  Now I found one.  I got this worksheet from ABC Jesus Loves Me.

Number 0,1,2

We placed bugs on all the 0's we saw.
I went in the kitchen to get something and came back and Caden had drawn the number 0....Mommy was so proud!

Today we are focusing on the number 0 and I put numbers on a calendar and had Caden place bugs on all the zeros he saw.  

Mommy School on Vacation! Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

We made a seaweed house.  One of the fish in the book made their house out of seaweed.
Play-doe fun with fish and scissors.
I came up with this one on my own.  I printed out a map of The Gulf of Mexico and had Caden glue fish pictures in the water.
Coloring the water on the map.

We even had a little Mommy School on vacation!  He kept asking me for some activities so I brought some just in case.  Sure enough he did all of them.

What a Great Vacation!!!

Nonna and little Miss Diva!
Daddy and Caden
Hannah trying to swim like her big brother!
Caden floating on his back!
I swear this kid jumped off the side at least 100 times.  So full of energy!!! :)
Me and my kiddos!
Paw-Paw and Caden
Paw-Paw and Caden
Hannah playing peek-a-boo in the cabinets.
Our view!

The best park every in downtown Corpus Christi.
They loved playing on the balcony. 
Family Picture:)
As Caden would say, "Biggggggg Shark"!
They stood and watched the shark for about 20 minutes!
Caden could not decide if he wanted to touch the hermit crab.
I love this picture...the whole time we were at The Aquarium she just pointed at everything. :)
Still looking at the sharks!

We had such a great time on our vacation to Corpus Christi!  The last few vacations we have been on have been so much work for me and my husband, it is like we needed a vacation from our vacation.  Having the kids so close together makes vacations a little tough right now.  I do have to say this vacation was I hope a beginning to many more fun ones like this one.  

I have so many great pictures it was so hard to chose my favorites.  I hope you enjoy!!!   


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