Sunday, April 19, 2009

Zoo trip-Plan B

We said this duck was sad because all the birds were getting to the food first.  When I showed Caden this picture he remembered and said, "Sad Mommy"!  Oh, and yes Caden was eating what he was feeding the ducks.  So we also talked about sharing.
Hannah enjoyed watching all the ducks and birds!
Our friend Ra Ra feeding the ducks!  She is a pro!

Last week we went to the Zoo with our friend Ra Ra.  When we got there there were tons of school buses and me and Liz looked at each other and said, "Plan B".  We were not about to go into the Zoo with all the schools that seemed to be on field trips that day.  So we decided to feed the ducks, go on a train ride, and have a picnic at the park.  The kids didn't know any different and plus they had a great time.  

Easter Photos

Caden running away from his Aunt Paula!  This happens all the time!
Wow, he actually got a little closer!:)

Found one!
Caden and his favorite cousin Zoe!
Caden and Hannah with Mee-Maw.  Hannah sneaking in some candy.
Hannah is saying, "Yeahhhh"!  She has been taking about 3-4 steps at a time!:)
Caden and his favorite Aunt!  Mee-Maw made a cute bunny cake and Caden and Aunt Jill had a blast playing with it, eating, it, and basically anything they could do with it to have a good laugh.
Aunt Jill making Caden laugh!
Caden not quite sure with the negotiation we kept giving him about which part of the cake he could have.
Hannah in her adorable Easter dress her Aunt Teen gave her.

We had such a great Easter Weekend, but it wore us out.  We had a birthday party Sat. morning across town and then to my parents for Easter.  The next day was church, then Aaron's parents for Easter.  I really enjoyed the message at church that morning  because it really encouraged me to really teach my children the true meaning of all the holidays and not get so involved in the "things and stuff" that can blog down the true meaning of the holidays.  Here are I've posted a few pictures of our Easter with our family!


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