Monday, September 28, 2009

L for Ladybug

We were finishing up or ladybug lesson and I had Caden color his ladybug and glue buttons on his spots. Then I had Hannah just glue buttons on a piece of paper. I do not have a picture of that. I also forgot were I got the printout from(sorry).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Name Cards: I Like Me

Name Cards: In our Itty-Bitty Bookworm lesson this week we did name cards. Caden did a really good job. All I did was put the glue on the paper. Hannah on the on hands...glue on paper....buttons on hands...not much was accomplished but she still enjoyed trying to put the buttons on her paper.

Fun at Nonna and Paw-Paw's House

This is a 4 generation picture: (bottom left to right) Maw-Maw, Granny, Nonna (my Mom)
(top left to right) My sister and her daughter Zoe.

I could just eat her up!!!:)))

The cousins: (left to right) Caden, Zoe, and Hannah

The kids with Nonna

Two peas in a pod.

Letter Carrier: The Letter L

L is for Leaves: On the way to the mailbox we found some leaves.

The Letter L: Letter Carrier
This week we are talking about the letter L. I use The Itty-Bitty Bookworm and A beka
curriculum. This lesson came from A beka Language Development Cards (they are great visuals).

Caden wanted to make a letter for his Mee-Maw.

Hannah wanted to make one for her Nonna.

On the way to the mailbox.

Hannah, holding on tight to her letter.

Putting there letters in the mailbox.

Here is the visual card from A beka.

Letter Sorting: This lesson was pretty cute from A beka. I made colored paper that fit into the envelopes. On the top of each envelope I had Caden color each one a different color. So then he had to put the correct color paper in the correct colored envelope.

Here he is sorting them. He got all of them correct. Gooooo Caden!:)

Sequencing: I Like Me

In our Bo's Itty-Bitty Bookworm lesson this month, we are talking about circles. Caden colored three circles and I cut them out for him. I then wrote small, medium, and large on another piece of paper. I had Caden tell me where they belong.

Preposition Pig and Name Recognition: I Like Me

Name Recognition: I put each one of the kids name (and my name) on a sentence strip and asked Caden who's name was on the paper and showed him the first letter of each name. Then I asked him if the name was a boy or girl, then I asked him to put it under the correct label.
Preposition Pig: This week we are reading a cute little book called I Like Me and lessons from Bo's Itty-Bitty Bookworm. We used directions words. So I had Caden put the car above the pig, under the pig etc.

Creation: Animal Game and God's Gifts

Animal Game: We rolled the ball back and forth. Whoever got the ball they had to name an animal.
God's Gifts: I put a multiple of things in a pillow case. The kids took turns pulling one thing out at a time. Once the item was pulled out I would ask what it was and who made it.

The Itty-Bitty Bookworm Bible Story Units

Rainbow Colors

Step 4: Sprinkle your fruit loops or fruity cheerios on the glue and look at all the beautiful colors.

Rainbow Colors- This week we have been talking about our colors. So we did this lesson from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm. Directions below.

Step 3: Paint glue on a piece of paper.
Hannah did not have a hammer so we just used one of her toys. lol
Step 2: Pour them in plastic bags and them crush them.
Directions to Rainbow color: Step 1: Take fruit loops (we did not have any so we used fruity cheerios) separate them by color. I believe this was Caden's first time he did not need any help separating them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

D is for Donkey

Caden is currently 33 months old and
Hannah is 15 1/2 months old

This week we are leaning about the letter D. D is for donkey so we played pin the tail on the donkey. I looked everywhere for a free pin the tail on the donkey print out. I finally found one here. Caden would not let me spin him around. So he just put the tail. Of course, Hannah had to try too! lol

Triangle: Ice Cream Cone

I was really amazed with Caden on this activity. I got this from our A beka lesson. We are learning about triangles and how many sides a triangle has. So I drew 3 dots and told Caden to connect them because we were going to make an ice cream cone. We then talked about what shape he drew. I think he was amazed with himself too! Then I asked him what kind of ice cream he wanted on top and I drew the semi-circle for the ice cream. Then he colored it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jumping fun

Tired little jumper, Cousin Zoe

Tired little jumper, Caden.

Really tired little jumper, Hannah.

It was just too funny watching Hannah jumping for the first time (15 1/2 months old)

Oh, my goodness! This was so fun to watch Hannah jump for the first time. She would stand up and completely fall down tummy side down. Then she would try and was just too funny! Caden and Zoe had such a good time jumping.

Fun with our Best Friends

Yeah! Finally out!

Halle had a lot of good ideas to get the get the butterfly's out.

But we still waited! lol

All the kids so patiently waited for the butterflies to get out of their garden.
They really wanted to stay in, but the kids really wanted them to get out.

The two boys! Carter and Caden

Halle, Hannah, and Caden

My sweet angle.

Boy, did they have fun!

Fun with our Best Friends:
We always have such a good time with our friends Halle and Carter. First, we went to their neighborhood splash pad. At first we were not going to go because there were dark clouds all around us. So we decided to go anyways and we got a light sprinkle and nothing else after that. The kids had such a great time.

Before we left Halle and Carter's house they had some butterflies from their butterfly garden that they wanted to let loose. We were so glad we got to help them release the butterflies. The kids sat and waited so patiently for the butterflies to get out of their garden. Halle had so many good ideas that would help the butterflies get out. So finally after a long patient wait all five butterflies were released. What a fun day!!!

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