Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fun with our Best Friends

Yeah! Finally out!

Halle had a lot of good ideas to get the get the butterfly's out.

But we still waited! lol

All the kids so patiently waited for the butterflies to get out of their garden.
They really wanted to stay in, but the kids really wanted them to get out.

The two boys! Carter and Caden

Halle, Hannah, and Caden

My sweet angle.

Boy, did they have fun!

Fun with our Best Friends:
We always have such a good time with our friends Halle and Carter. First, we went to their neighborhood splash pad. At first we were not going to go because there were dark clouds all around us. So we decided to go anyways and we got a light sprinkle and nothing else after that. The kids had such a great time.

Before we left Halle and Carter's house they had some butterflies from their butterfly garden that they wanted to let loose. We were so glad we got to help them release the butterflies. The kids sat and waited so patiently for the butterflies to get out of their garden. Halle had so many good ideas that would help the butterflies get out. So finally after a long patient wait all five butterflies were released. What a fun day!!!

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