Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paper Person: More, More, More Said the Baby

It was so cute after I traced Caden, Hannah would lay on the paper so she could get traced. Of course, she laid there for 2 seconds but it was cute anyways.

Paper Person:
We are still doing lessons from the book More, More, More Said the Baby. Caden is really not interested in this book but we are still doing the lessons.

Last weeks Lesson from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm we made A Paper Person. Caden has really been into coloring with colors lately (a month ago it was with markers). I really can't get him to do any other activity unless there is coloring involved. So I just turn his lessons around so there is some type of coloring involved.

Directions for Paper Person: Lay out a piece of butcher paper on the floor. Have your child lay down on it. Trace around the child. Cut out the shape. Have the children help you to color it and add facial features. You could also add yarn for hair. Hang up the child cut out. name body parts and have the children take turns pointing to the correct body part on the cut-out. You could label each body part, as well.



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