Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun at our newly renovated Children's Museum

We had a such a nice time at our newly renovated Children's Museum with our awesome Mee-Maw.  It was very crowded, I'm sure it was because it was still spring break for others.  I was kind of disappointed in the new Totspot!  It just wasn't as colorful and hands on as the other Totspot was.  The kids enjoyed the new one so that's all that matters.  The other parts of the Museum are really neat though. 

It was so funny because when we got there all Caden wanted to do was find all the cars and line them up!  Exactly what he does at home majority of his day!  Too funny!   

Hannah enjoyed climbing up the soft little stairs in the baby area.  She loved it!  She also loved the kissing herself in the mirror!  lol  Did you see the picture of my twins!  Heeeee  How adorable if there were two of Hannah!

Diamond Kite

Instead of using tissue paper we used green and pink streamers.  

Piggy in the Puddle cup

Soooo focused!!!  

Making Mud

Remember this is still from the Itty Bitty Bookworm and goes a long with the book Piggy in the Puddle.  What we did was put some dirt in an empty juice bottle and I had Caden pour water into the dirt.  He enjoyed pouring from one container to the next.  He played for about 30-45 min.  Caden kept saying "Mud Mommy, Mud Mommy."

Big Pig Collage (Green and Pink)

I printed out a picture of pigs in grass and cut out some pink pieces of foam and green pieces of construction paper.  I had Caden find the green and pink colors on the picture with the pigs and match the color with the small pieces of paper and glue them on the picture.  So basically a matching game with pink and green.   


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