Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally Organized!

Reading area

This is were I have the pocket chart and we discuss vocabulary words and other things. We move the lego table when necessary (Grandpa Schindler made it, he's so awesome)!

Map we got from Top Secret Adventures (Highlight Magazine)

Bigger view of playroom.

In the study is were most of Mommy School happens. Here is the table Caden's Mee-Maw got at a garage sale and said we could use it!!!! How perfect! I also have the easel in there too.

I got this shelf at Ikea and labeled all of our Mommy School supplies.
Bottom two shelf's are for the kids to get into.

This is the playroom shelf that Daddy made. This is were we keep all the kids toys.

I finally got everything organized for our Mommy School!!!! Of course I will probably move things around here and there but for the most part I have got all the necessities. I have our play room separate from our school room, above I will tell you what each picture is.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom- The Letter K

Caden is 30 1/2 months old

Caden flying his kite.

The Letter K- For this lesson we were to gather wallpaper samples, I just used scrapbook paper. Cut diamond shapes from the paper. Next, cut each diamond (kite) in half. Set out all of the pieces. Then match the pieces to create "kites". Tape the 2 sides together, then tape yarn on the back of the kite.

Creation Days 1 and 2

Cleaning up his mess.

Creation Day 2- On the second day God creates sky. I printed off the number 2 from ABC Jesus Loves Me, then I drew clouds on the paper and had him paint the clouds white. We have done this lesson before but I feel like Caden didn't remember it.
Creation Day 1- On the first day God creates light. Again I got the number 1 from ABC Jesus Loves Me website and had Caden paint the number one yellow with a cotton ball.

The book we are using is called The Children's Illustrated Bible

Letter C Lapbook

I could not believe it! Caden traced this letter C all by himself. I had walked away for a second and came back and found him tracing the letter c!!!! Here is the letter C worksheet.

This is the Letter C mini-book. Page 1 and Page 2

Front cover of letter C lapbook. You can get the Letter C printouts here.


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