Sunday, May 1, 2011

Raising Rock Stars Preschool Letter X

We have really enjoyed all the wonderful resources from a handful of creative mommy blogs this past week.  I can not thank these moms enough for sharing all of their creative ideas.  See the resources below.

I have also changed the kids schedule because for the past month the kids have enjoyed circle time together but when we do our workboxes they either get distracted or not interested.  So I finally realized each one of them wanted their own one on one time.  So here is our new schedule:

  Hannah is currently 35 months old 
and is participating in some Raising Rock Stars Preschool, TotSchool and Tot Trays.

Caden is currently 4 years and 4 months old and is participating in Raising Rock Stars Preschool.

Letter X from ABC Twiggles

Xylophone color match from Letter of the Week.

Transferring Magic Nuudles with tongs into an egg holder.
Using her imagination.

She said she made the number 7 after brother said it looked like a 7.
Pouring beans.
We are really working on putting things back on the shelf.
Working on the letter X from Raising Rock Stars Preschool.

We just started using Preschool Packs.  Wow!  You Moms are so talented.  Hannah is counting the farm scene and placing a clothespin on the correct number.  I got this one from Musings of Me.
Check out other Preschool Packs from 1+1+1=1, Homschool Creations, Lawteedah, 2 Teaching Mommies.

Our theme this week was Farm Life.  So I pulled out our Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm she got for birthday last year.

Writing the letter X from Raising Rock Stars Preschool.
Our Bible theme for the week was Baby Moses from Danelle's Place. 

Craft from Raising Rock Stars Preschool.
Letter X dot paint from Letter of the Week.
Moses color match from Christian Preschool Printables.
Hannah and Caden both loved painting this wooden farm scene I got at Micheal's Craft store.

 Our letter X craft.
 Our sight word of the week from Raising Rock Stars Preschool was little and Caden decided he wanted to write the word. 
 His computer time was Starfall.
 Taping his bible verse from Raising Rock Stars Preschool.

 Letter X book from ABC Twiggles.
 Farm Preschool Pack from Musing of Me.
 Baby Moses craft from Danelle's Place.
 Caden was doing his craft from Raising Rock Stars Preschool.  He had to cut out shapes and he said he could not cut out the circle.  I said just try and lets see what happens, and then he gave me this face. lol
 Then he tried.
 Farm game, which he loved.  It was from Musing of Me's Preschool Pack.

 This is also from the Preschool Pack and Caden colored, cut and glued the farm on the correct word. 
 Painting his wooden farm craft I got from Micheal's.
Lacing beads.  This was one of Hannah's tot trays, which he also loves.

We had such a great week.  We have had a lot of great weeks with Raising Rock Stars Preschool but I just have not taken pictures.  I can not say enough about the fun, fun, fun preschool packs and thank you again to all the mom's that have created them and have shared all of their ideas.


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