Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raising Rock Stars- The Crucifixion and Resurrection

Daddy started off reading from our Read n' See DVD Bible about The Crucifixion. Then he read from our Adventure Bible for Early Readers.
Then he showed them the cross Jesus was put on and how to color the cross with dot paint.
Caden's cross
Hannah's cross
Daddy wrote Caden's name and he traced it.
Hannah's finished cross.

You really can not tell what this is Jesus's tomb.  The guards are on the outside of the paper plate and inside is Jesus's empty tomb.  I got the idea from it is the Empty Tomb Craft.
You open the plate and see Jesus is not in the tomb.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Oh, it is so sweet to watch children put eggs in their basket and get so excited to see what is inside!  This was the first year both kids new what to do and we got to watch! Oh and Caden even gave Hannah some kisses!:)))  The place we went to was so crowded so each kid got about 3-4 eggs each.  They didn't know the difference and plus less candy!:))

Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Week-Tot School

Hannah is currently 21 1/2 months

Hannah's Tot School
  • Stacked blocks
  • Poured and picked up blocks
  • Played with Magneatos.
  • We have been talking about Diamonds so we used some kite printables from 1+1+1.
  • Counted fish, I got the stickers from the garage sale too.  I folded a piece of paper into 4s and labeled each square 1, 2, 3, 4.  Then we put the correct amount of stickers in each square.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Preschool Corner- The Little Red Hen

Click on this to see our Mommy School Routine Presentation
Little Red Hen Big Book
Click on the Circle Time Picture above to get The Little Red Hen Mommy School Routine Presentation.

There are different versions of The Little Red Hen. The version I picked was the one about making bread. We made bread before we made the pizzas but I do not have a picture of the bread making.
We made Mini Muffin Pizzas for lunch. They were a hit, which is very difficult in my house. The recipe came from Instead of making the pizza sauce recipe I just used Delallo Pizza sauce, it was very good.

Geography- Daddy is very good at Geography so I let him show Caden a few things on the map.
  • What state and country we live in.
  • North, South, East, and West.
  • Were Santa lives and the penguins (so north and south pole).
  • The equator.
  • Then Caden colored the United States of America map. Daddy told him what each state was while he colored it. I am not sure Caden understood any of what Daddy taught him but they seemed to have a good time. Caden answered his questions too, which made Daddy very happy!!!
  • Oh, Caden did not write his name. Daddy wrote it then Caden traced it.

We have been playing with a Rhyming puzzle this week.  He has not got the hang of rhyming yet but he defiantly knows how to put a puzzle together.  He tries to spell the word out on the puzzle cards by sliding his finger across the word...too cute!

I made these up for Caden. In our Raising Rock Stars Lesson we are talking about Jesus Death on the Cross (I will post on Tues.) So I decided to spell out Jesus and have him match the letters.

I made another one with the word green since he enjoyed it so much.  I wrote the word Jesus on the Jesus picture so I do not have that printable but made a printable for green. 

Science- We talked about magnets. I have these little circle magnets that we went around the house with to see what they stuck to.

Math- Sorting worms.  I got the worm lures from Walmart for $5 (4 different colors and about 10-15 worms in each color).

Math- This week we have been talking about Diamonds so I used some kite printables from 1+1+1.  Caden cut them out by himself and matched the correct colored word with the correct colored triangle.

More kites...Caden put them in order from largest to smallest.  Then he matched kites.
My husband's work was getting rid of their dry erase boards at so snagged one.  I can't believe fit perfect in the school room (I will be posting more of our school room transformation soon).  The kids have had so much writing on it.  So this morning I decided to play a guessing game with Caden.  I drew a picture and he had to guess what I drew.  Then I wrote the word and he traced it, and then got to erase it after he was done.  He was so proud of himself...and look how focused he is writing!lol

We also read another version of The Little Red Hen.   This version talked about making a cake.  So we made cupcakes.  I do not have a picture.  I also do not have a picture of the kids at the zoo yesterday.  We got to pet a hen.  Perfect timing since we were reading about one!!!


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