Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alphabet Mystery Box

This is a cute game I got for Caden at Lakeshore Learning but Hannah enjoyed it also just because she liked pulling things in and of the box. Inside the box is miniature size objects. You pull one object out of the box and place it on the correct beginning sound of the object word. It is good for Hannah because she can pull an object out of the box and we can work on her vocabulary and word pronunciation. Caden actually works on his beginning sounds. I have to exaggerate the sound and he can put it on the correct letter.

Teddy Bear Hunt

Caden, trying to hide the Teddy Bear Paws. lol

The paws he found.
This week we had a Teddy Bear Hunt! I cut out Teddy Bear Paws and hid ten of them in the living room. Caden had a blast looking for them. Then he wanted to hide them! It is so funny to watch a 3 year old try to hide something! lol


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