Friday, April 24, 2009


I got these stamps (they had a ton) at Michael's for $1.00 each.  It has been a long time since I have been to Michael's but they had a lot of $1.00 items.  Hannah's birthday is coming soon so I hope to go back and get the kids party favors.  

Rabbit Shape

Caden was really engaged in this activity.  I cut the Bunny Rabbit from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm Curriclum and glued it on a piece of construction paper.  We discussed the color we were painting with.  The instructions for the lesson was to get a clothespin and cotton ball.  Clip the cotton ball with the clothespin and paint away.  I think the clothespin with the cotton ball is the perfect way for a toddler to paint.  He felt more in control of were the paint went on the page and there was more paint that went on the page rather then with a small tip of a paint brush.  Loved loved loved the paintbrush substitution. 

Colorful Ovals

Placed streamer on the oval.
Tear streamers.  Another option is to use scissors.  We practiced with them but aren't very successful yet.  I did see on another website that there are scissors made especially for toddlers.  I will have to look for the site again.
Spreading glue with a paint brush.

Goal for this activity is to discuss the color green, yellow, and an oval.  

At home fun

Hannah loves puzzles!  Caden loves puzzles too but I need to get some new ones because he tells me "Too easy Mommy"!
Caden made me play-doh dinner.
Snakes!  We made play-doh snakes.  I asked Caden if snakes live in the forest, he said "Mmmmm Yes'!  He is a good guesser! :)
Cutting dinner!
Of course Little Miss Priss had to get inside the play-doh box!

Fun Shoes

I won these shoes at a jewelry Premier party and Caden got a kick out of them!

Fun with Nonna

So cute!  Hannah's starting to hold a bowl with her snack inside.:)
Loves to stick her hands inside things.
Laying in Nonna's lap eating her snack and watching American Idol.
Daddy defiantly gave Hannah her good looks!  She looks nothing like me.
Hannah and Nonna

Rabbit Food

Our goal for this activity  was sorting what "Rabbits eat" and what "Rabbits do not eat".  I cut out the picture provided from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm.  Then I placed two plastic containers on the table.  I put a bunny rabbit in one of the plastic containers and told Caden that we would put the food that "Rabbits eat" in that container.  Then in the other container without the bunny we would place the food that "Rabbits do not eat."
Very short attention span for this activity.  Maybe if we placed real food for the rabbit in the container he may have been more attentive.  Or even brought the book out that we are reading Thumper's Fluffy Tail to go along with the activity.  I will probably try this activity again along with the Bunny Rhymes.    


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