Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coloring obsession

Oh, it was so funny yesterday!!!!  Caden kept asking me to color and we only have two coloring books for some odd reason and he didn't want either of them.  So I found this workbook I got a few months ago called 
Preschool.  I was so impressed with Caden....I turned to a matching page.  On this page it had a list of pictures on both sides of the page.  For example, the directions were to identify each picture in both columns.  Discuss why a dashed line connects the doll with the doll house.  Ask your child to trace that dashed line, and then to draw a line from each of the other items on the left to the correct item on the right.
So we did that an wow can you believe he knew what he was talking about and and and he drew the line.  He did it all by himself I did not hold the marker...all by himself!!!!  I was so proud of him.  Oh and he continued to flip through the workbook and colored for 2 hours.  I am not can even ask my husband.    

2 hours of hard work!lol:)
So focused!

Letter X

Every week we go to the library and Caden fills Hannah's stroller with about 10 books.  He found this great book called Alphabeep A Zipping, Zooming ABC by Debora Pearson.  It goes through the entire Alphabet and each letter begins with some type of truck or road sign.  It is perfect for boys.  

So I decided to go through each letter with him and create clip art so he can paste and color the letter of what ever truck or sign is for that letter.  Last week we talked about the letter X and I am currently working on the Letter Y. 


Yesterday I went to the resale shop by my house and found some little animals and dinosaurs.  I got about 15 of them for $9 (Great Buy, they usually cost about $2-$5 a piece).  At first Caden was upset he didn't get any cars but when we got home he totally loved them.  He started lining them up just like he does his cars.  lol:)

That same day we went to the library to get me some books.  Well, I found this book called Plans and Patterns for Preschool by Karen Franz.  So I looked in the book under the month of May just to see what ideas she had.  Well I saw this pattern for a barn and thought to myself...oh...I have a box (from diapers) that we can make into a cute little barn for his new animals.  Boy did he love it!!!!  Caden not only put his animals in it but thought it would be funny to get inside with his animals....why not!

Fun Outside

I brought the baby pool out for the first time this year.  Last year Caden would only go in the pool if me or Aaron would get in with him.  This year he got in no problem, but wanted to put everything we owned inside the pool!  lol  

Hannah got in but was a little timid.  She probably would have been ok if I went in with her. Overall both kids had a great time!


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