Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday I went to the resale shop by my house and found some little animals and dinosaurs.  I got about 15 of them for $9 (Great Buy, they usually cost about $2-$5 a piece).  At first Caden was upset he didn't get any cars but when we got home he totally loved them.  He started lining them up just like he does his cars.  lol:)

That same day we went to the library to get me some books.  Well, I found this book called Plans and Patterns for Preschool by Karen Franz.  So I looked in the book under the month of May just to see what ideas she had.  Well I saw this pattern for a barn and thought to myself...oh...I have a box (from diapers) that we can make into a cute little barn for his new animals.  Boy did he love it!!!!  Caden not only put his animals in it but thought it would be funny to get inside with his animals....why not!



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