Monday, July 13, 2009

Potty Training Progress

Caden is now 30 months old and doing great with his potty training. He now goes to the potty in public places and not just at home. He maybe has an accident 1 time every 2-3 days.

The only problem we are having is bowel movements. We had a few bowel movements in the potty a couple of weeks ago and now he won't do it at all. So we are just going to be patient with him and give him some time and then we will focus on bowel training when he feels ready. So right now I will not pressure him because I know if I do he will totally resent it...that is the way Caden is. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Lost My Hardrive

For all you people out there that do not back up your computer....just warning you DO IT! My computer's hardrive crashed yesterday and I lost all of my documents. Thank God we got a new computer a couple of weeks ago and my husband transfered all of our pictures off the old computer and put them on the new one and we did not lose a single picture. How sad would that be to lose pictures of your kiddoes when they were itty bitty!:(((((

Great Fruit Snack without all the sugar

I found this fruit snack in the organic section at my Kroger store. It has 9 grams of sugar, organic, and has no gluten. The best part is Caden loved it!!!!! Doesn't that just make a mom so happy:) Enjoy! Let me know how your kids like it!

Magnetic letters

Caden is 30 months

Caden wanted to play with his magnetic letters so I instantly used this as a learning activity. I ran to get Caden's book Red Rubber Ball. I pulled out the letters ball and had him match the letters to the word ball on his book...just to see if he could put them in the correct order on his own. He almost got it!!! We had fun though!

Red Rubber Ball- Orange Basketball

Orange Basketball- We mixed red and yellow paint to make orange and used a clothespin and cotton ball to paint the basketball. Hannah has really been interested in everything we are doing lately. So I have decided to let her join in even though everytime it is sooooo messy. I should put them at the table and buckle them in their chairs but Daddy was home and we did it at the picnic time.

Red Rubber Ball- Golf Ball Painting

Golf Ball Painting- We dipped the golf ball in red paint. Put it in a box with construction paper, rolled it around and watched as it created it's own painting. Caden looked to see what the ball was doing and then was done with the activity. Hannah looked too but grabbed the ball...ooppss!

Letter B

I had both of the kids put pom-poms on the letter B. Both kids loved it and they got to work together!

Red Rubber Ball- Sequencing

Sequencing- I printed out the picture story cards from the story Red Rubber Ball. We then flipped through the book and put the story cards order. Caden was so excited when we got to the end of the book and saw the dog!


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