Friday, May 29, 2009

Random things

For once, I decided to get cute with Caden's lunch!  It is really amazing how excited he got and we talked about eyes, nose, and mouth.  When he was eating the strawberry he said, 
"Eating nose"!  Once he ate his lunch I then gave him some cheetoes.  I have decided that I will give him what I want him to eat on his plate first and then present his treat after he eats the more fulfilling part of his food.
How sweet...helping sister!
Didn't quite get it on right but it was a great effort!

Caden is trying to be more independent and then quickly realizes that he needs help!  I do let him try and then I say, "Just let me know when you need my help"!  Usually about 30 sec. later he says, "elp (help) Mommy"!  I am very proud of him for trying.  During this particular independent moment he decided he would help Hannah get her shoe back on.  It was so cute to see him helping his little sister.



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