Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Duck Stuck- I Would Be a....and Sentence Starters

I Would Be a....-we made 4 columns (with the follwing pictures (from The Itty-Bitty Bookworm) across the bottom:  Skunk/Possum/Moose/Cricket.  I introduced each picture to Caden and generated discussions about each animal.  For example:  Skunks use spray to protect themselves.

Then I got a picture of Caden and some other people he would know.  Then I had him choose which animal each person would like including himself.  Then we counted how many pictures were above each animal.  Then we discussed the results.

Then we did Sentence Starters.  I wrote the following sentence:  I would like to be a _____ because _____.  I had Caden choose the animal he would like and I asked him why.  He chose a skunk but he wasn't sure why he wanted to be a skunk and that's when he lost interest in the lesson.  I brought him back and asked him what animal Hannah would be?  We will be trying this lesson again.



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