Friday, March 13, 2009

New Curriculum

I am currently beginning a new Curriculum Guide with Caden.  It is called The Itty-Bitty Bookworm.    So far Caden is interested!!  The first thing you do is read the book that is assigned.  It is called The Piggy in The Puddle, once you read it there are all kinds of activities to go along with it.  Below is a list of activities we have already done.
  • Learning Center- At the Sand and Water Table center we purchased some rubber ducks from Party City and I drew shapes on the bottom of the ducks.  I had a water bucket and dry bucket.  We talked about the following:
  1. Wet and Dry-when we pulled the ducks out of the water we would dry them off.  
  2. Wet and Dry-Transfer wet ducks to dry bucket with a net.
  3. Counting- We counted the ducks when we would catch them in the net.  He only counted up to two.
  4. Shapes-Wasn't interested, we talked about a few.  He does know some of them but he was more interested in using the net.
  • Activity- 
  1. Introduced vocabulary card-pigs
  2. Looked at the pig pictures and talked about What color pigs are?  What do pigs like to do? What do pigs eat?  and Have you ever seen a pig?
  3. Hand Puppet-I made a pig hand puppet and he loved it.  He calls it Oink Oink!  He wanted hime to play cars with him.  I had Oink Oink show Caden his other pig friends and we hung them on the wall.  We also talked about baby pigs, mamma pigs, and different color pigs.  Caden cried when I put Oink Oink away.
  • Creative Arts-
  1. Paper Plate Pig



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