Monday, January 26, 2009

No more Paci's

So yesterday Aaron and I decided it was officially time to take away Caden's paci's (Ba Ba's).  So this is how we did it.  We were on our way back from church and Caden kept yelling for his 2 Ba Ba's so we gave them to him and we told him why don't you throw them out the window.  He said, "No my Ba Ba's."  We have been so tired of these things, constantly looking for them, needing 2 every single time, waking up in the middle of the night because one fell out of his bed etc.  Plus he is now 2 and it is time to give them up.  

So Aaron was taking out the trash and Caden asked for his 2 Ba Ba's and Aaron said we put them in the trash and we had Caden help Daddy take out the trash.  Oh, and Caden wasn't very happy with that.  So they came inside and he was still yelling for them and I said the Garbage truck took them away.  So everytime he asks for them that is what we say.  He cries a little bit but surprisingly not too bad.   When it was time for bed time that was a little rough.  He cried for about 20 minutes and finally went to sleep, only for about 30 minutes.  Bedtime last night was a little rough too.  Daddy read about 15 books and then I went in there and sang to him.  It was so cute...I stopped for a little bit cause I saw his eyes were closed and he opened them and said, "More Mommy."  Then he slept like a baby!!!



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