Sunday, November 11, 2012

Outdoor Fun and Classical Conversations

We had lots of fun in the month of October.  It has still been warm here so the kids had and idea to play with water balloons on the trampoline!!!  It was so much fun because the water balloons last a lot longer on a trampoline.

 This picture is hilarious of Caden!

Hannah drew the one on the left with no help and I drew the one on the right and she wanted to color it.
 Caden drew the one on the left with no help and I drew the one on the right and he wanted to color it.
 Oh, how I love this sweet boy!!!!  He is getting sooooo big.  He is currently 9 1/2 months old.  He is saying Da Da.  Crawling everywhere, opening everything, smiling all the time, biting all the time (Ouch!), and he is beginning to stand with out help.  He took 3 steps yesterday!  Oh, boy!  He will be a busy boy soon!
 Here is Carson with his favorite Aunt, they share the same birthday!
 With his favorite Paw-Paw!
Caden at his baseball game.  He is really good!  I am so proud.  He is very good at fielding the ball.  I believe he is the only one that doesn't play in the dirt which is pretty impressive for a 5 year old, I mean what 5 year old doesn't like playing in the dirt.:)  He also hits really well out of his coaches (His Daddy) hands.  Love that boy!
Oh, this is so cute.  Carson insisted on climbing on Caden's bed so I let him figure out how to get up and down by himself and this is how he did it. lol

We are just so impressed with our school choice this year.  My kids attend Classical Conversations.  This is Hannah reciting the Heian Empire.
Here is what she is saying:
As the Heian government weakened in Japan, Shoguns began to rule and expelled all foreigners during the period of isolation.  Circa 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry of the U.S. restored trade, allowing the Meiji to modernize Japan.

The Roman Republic fought the Punic Wars, which were followed by the Pax Romana.  In 286 AD, the empire divided into the Western and Eastern empires until Germanic barbarians defeated the Western Empire, in 476 AD.

Hannah skip counting 9s and 10s.

Caden reciting the Greek and Roman gods.

Hannah reciting the timeline for Creation-Jesus!:)))  Love Classical Conversations



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