Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All About Me

Theme:  All About Me
Caden is currently 4 years and 9 months old
Hannah is currently 3 years and 4 months old

 I had Caden pick a word and then find the letters in the pasta and beans.  Then he put them in his leapfrog to see if he was right.  We are on unit 2 You Can Read.
 Hannah and Caden both did this.  They had to find and match the letters to their name.
 The kids matched the colored magnets on the happy and sad faces from Making Learning Fun.
Hannah trying to make a sad face.
You can't quit see it but we made a hair graph.
 Hannah's Sing, Spell Read and Write work.
 All About Me printable from Itsy Bitsy Learners.  Hannah and Caden both put their cute little finger prints on the magnify glass.

 Caden tracing his You Can Read Unit 2 worksheet.
 Putting his puzzles together from You Can Read Unit 2.

We did a journal entry today.  We got the idea from Day-by-Day Kindergarten plans.  It was... My favorite thing to do is...
Hannah said hers is to play dress up with her dolls and her picture is her happily playing with her dolls.

Caden said his was to play wrestle (which is actually tickling) with his daddy.  His picture is of him and his daddy.
I love these journal entries they are sooooo adorable.
Caden doing is Abeka Letters and Sounds K. 
 Hannah doing Sing, Spell, Read and Write Preschool.
 We measured Caden with blocks.
 Then crayons.
 Then with our Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See cards.
 Then paper.  He had fun with measuring himself.  Hannah did not want to participate.  I got the idea from All About Me Preschool Pack from Itsy Bitsy Learners.
 Hannah decorating a birthday cake.  I wrote how old she is and she drew her candlesticks.  I got this from the All About Me Preschool Pack also.
 Caden did the same thing.
 Caden didn't follow the directions but he sure did draw a pretty flower.
 We were doing Caden's Abeka Number Skills math and at one point he had to write a number 3.  He kept practicing over and over again.  Of course the 3s that look correct are mine and the other ones he tried and tried.  Soooo cute!
 Yeah!!!  He did it!

 Here is Caden's craft of himself.  Is this just soooo cute!!!!
Here is Hannah's. She asked me to make her a shirt, shoes, and skirt and those are the colors she asked for.  Sooooo adorable!



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