Thursday, October 21, 2010


Caden is currently 46 months old

  • Transportation
  • Letter P and Q
  • Color purple and orange
  • Number recognition 1-3
  • Daniel and the Lion's Den 

 Buses and other Transportation:
We were talking about buses so I pulled our our Mini Motor Counters.  I asked a few questions:
  1. I pulled out the car and the bus and asked, "Which vehicle holds more people?"  
  2. Then pulled out the boat and train and asked, "Which one drives on water?"
  3. Then pulled out the helicopter and airplane and asked, "Which one holds more people?"

 Listening: We pretended we were on a bus and circled around the bus and when the music stopped (The Wheels on the bus) we had to find a seat on the bus.
 Prereading: I randomly put the letters from A-P out on the floor and I had Caden put them in alphabetical order.

He decided to use something other than his hands.
Hannah was using her feet.
 Yeah, he did it with more help towards the end...he was getting tired of this game.

 Math number recognition:  I had him count the number of dots on the train and put the correct number of marshmallows.
 Not sure why he held up five fingers.
 Bible Lesson:  I read the story Daniel and the Lion's Den and had them color a lion and glue pasta noodles around his head for his mane.

 On our shelf I added some transportation puzzles.  I put out the Melissa and Doug contruction puzzle  and a Fall Puzzle.
 Caden woke up from his nap and saw me and Hannah doing her Mommy School and wanted to join in on reviewing the letter P with dot paint.
 Here is the board I have up each week.   I thought I have talked about it before but could not find it.  I took it down for a while because of the house being on the market but decided I would put it back up.



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