Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

We spent the day before Easter at Nonnie's house in the country.  Every time we have gone to Nonnie's in the past with the kids they were nothing but fussy.  This time they had a much better time because they got to enjoy the great outdoors, which any kid loves!

In the picture above the kids were holding hands walking back from the pond to Nonnie's house.  So sweet!!!!

Both of the kids loved throwing rocks into the pond!!

Both kids got tired of walking on our walk!
Caden's favorite and most memorable part of the trip was fishing!!!!  I could not believe it...he figured out how to cast and reel in his bate all by himself (his bate was a Lightening McQueen tire that came with the fishing pole, no hook).   Love both of these pictures!!!!:))))

Mee-Maw made a bunny cake for the kids to decorate!

We died Easter Eggs!
And hunted for them!  Caden new exactly how to hunt for Easter Eggs this year!  Hannah got the hang of it and she was just too cute walking around with her basket in her hand.  Caden would find one for her and show her where it was. 
We can't forget our little cousin Lyla and Aunt Jill!!!  Lyla's first Easter!  Love you guys!
 Then the Easter Bunny Came!



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